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Little Things Mean a Lot Drop-Ship Program

Drop-shipping: You can now take advantage the best drop-shipping system in the industry.  This allows you to sell a style not in your current inventory and have the product delivered directly to your customer’s home.

Features include:

  1. Online Showroom with pictures and descriptions of our product line.  You will also have access to our password-protected back room that gives you wholesale product information, including pricing and product availability.
  2. Custom drop-ship packing slip will show your company’s information only, with instructions to contact you for customer service.
  3. We are usually able to ship an order if received by 1:00 p.m. MST, but please allow us one business day to process drop-ship orders.

Flat rate shipping (within the continental USA): 
Shipping rates for drop-ship orders: 
All shipping is Flat Rate up to 2 lbs. after that it is charged by weight.

  • Tier 1: Small Single Accessory Items
    Includes bibs, socks, bracelets, baptism towels, bonnets etc. that can ship in a standard envelope and weigh less than 13 oz. 
         Drop Ship Fee: $2.00
         Flat Rates:   First Class Post: $5.00 Shipping and handling.
                           Priority Mail:    $7.00 Shipping and handling.
  • TIER 2: Single Accessories
    Includes shoes, booties, slips, most blankets, shawls, etc. Items weighing less than 1 pound which must ship in a box rather than an envelope.
         Drop Ship Fee:  $2.00
         Flat Rates:     First Class Post: $7.00 Shipping and handling.
                             Priority Mail:    $9.00 Shipping and handling
  • TIER 3: Outfits and Large Accessories
    All packages weighing under 2 pounds. (Note: All outfits in our line weigh less than four pounds.) 
         Drop Ship Fee:  $2.00
         Flat Rates: Priority Mail: $9.95 (US Postal Service)
                            UPS: $11.95
                            USPS Express: $21.00 (US Postal Service 1-2 day)
                            3 Day Select Standard: $23.00 (United Parcel Service)
    nd Day Air (Saver):    $30.00 (United Parcel Service) 
                            Next Day Air (Saver): $65.00 (United Parcel Service)
               Early AM and/or Saturday delivery will incur additional charges.
Orders weighing over 2 lbs. will be calculated separately. All rates subject to change as rates change with couriers.

Next Day Air orders must be received by 1:00 p.m. MST to arrive the next day.

Important: Little Things Mean a Lot will not accept responsibility for delays or errors made by shipping couriers nor increased charges that may occur as a result.

Small Drop-ship Fee – makes our drop-ship program affordable.

  • A $2.00 Drop-ship fee will be added to all orders shipped.

International Shipping:

We are able to ship internationally. For international shipments, we will charge the above listed Drop-Ship Fee plus the actual shipping costs.  The customer must choose to have the item shipped via parcel post or courier (UPS). Parcel post is usually the least expensive. Because we have no tracking capability when items are shipped internationally via parcel post, the customer must accept all risks once the item has left our warehouse.  Packages shipped via courier are traceable and insurable.

Gift Wrapping:  You can have a drop-ship item gift wrapped for $4.95 per item.  Please be sure the item you want gift-wrapped is clearly marked on your order.

Go to Drop-ship order form.

Policies for using our photos:

  1. Pricing displayed with our photos must be keystoned (100% mark-up) or higher.
  2. We do not allow our photos to be displayed on Ebay or other online auction sites.
    (Please see our Ebay/Auction policies)
  3. When using the Little Things Mean a Lot name or logo, you must state that you are a distributor of Little Things Mean a Lot products.  Any attempt to imply that you are Little Things Mean a Lot is prohibited.
  4. Little Things Mean a Lot photos are not to be used in unsolicited emails (SPAM) of any kind.

Ebay/Auction Site Policies

  • Little Things Mean a Lot photos are not to be used on Ebay or other auction sites unless the product is displayed as a “Buy Now” item at suggested retail.

Participation in our drop-ship program is contingent on compliance with our policies.  We reserve the right to change and update our policies at any time.

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